Matter (Series)
Praxis, New York, NY

Painting Material Detail Series of layered, hybrid paintings that use chance and intention as basis for compositions.​ “Matter” is an ongoing series of 2-Dimensional work by Ivan Toth Depeña. The work exhibited in “Matter” explores the spatial qualities of painting and drawing using topography, transparency, density of light/color, and layering to achieve work that utilizes […]

Public Art. Mural. Facade.

Detail Inspired by natural phenomena and movement.​ Consisting of a 3 level parking garage facade, the Steelyard mural is a part of the Rail Trail Initiative, intended to reinvigorate the area with public art from various disciplines.  Mural View from the CATS Blue Line This mural’s concept departs from Depena’s painting series, “Matter”. The series explores the […]

Drawing with Light. Temporary Installation. Art Basel Miami.

Ceiling intervention Light-based art installation inspired by architecture. During the week of Art Basel 2017, RGA Rocket approached Depeña to develop a temporary, immersive and spatial work. The installation took place in the historic warehouse space which is adjacent to the firm’s new office/ location near the Miami River, called the Miami River Armory. Installation […]

Multimedia installation. Immersive.

Etched Mirror detail An immersive journey through memory and perception. Presented at the McColl Center for Arts + Innovation “remember” was a building wide, multimedia installation by artist Ivan Toth Depeña. The exhibition explored the idea that through the process of recollection or remembering, your mind collapses time and space into a perceptual experience that […]

The Fallen Sky Chronicles Series

“Suddenly Home Becomes Everything You Have Not Burned Down” detail, image courtesy of the Honeywell Collection Experiments in fictional theory. These pieces are part of a series that responds to a fictional situation that when simply paraphrased refers to “the earth after it comes apart and matter/objects reassemble themselves to form new but familiar objects”. […]