Public Art. Sculpture. Video Wall.

Animal Services Center

San Martin, CA

installation View

Abstract art celebrates animal welfare.

Animorph, located the Santa Clara County Animal Services Center, is a public art installation featuring five large metal sculptures and a dynamic video display at the entrance. Abstracted, colorful portraits of animals, created using digital pixelation to avoid direct representation, showcases the shelter’s focus on animal welfare.

Goat Panel

Art Meets Animal Advocacy at Santa Clara County Animal Services.

Innovative Design

Pixelated portraits modernizes traditional photography into colorful abstraction.

Engaging Video Wall

Lively video welcomes visitors at the shelter's entrance.

Advanced Craftsmanship

Advanced fabrication techniques used for maximum brightness and durability.

Cat Panel
Video Wall at Shelter Entrance
Detail View
Rabbit Panel at Night
Rooster Panel at Dusk
Installation View

Animorph, located at the Santa Clara County Animal Services Center, is public art installation
featuring five monolithic, metal sculptures and a dynamic video installation of the same
scale near the entrance. The overall project showcases abstracted, colorful portraits of
animals that that were photographed while residing at the shelter itself. Positioned across
the front-facing areas of the shelter’s extensive grounds, each piece uses digital pixelation
to intentionally abstract the animals, avoiding direct representation. A playful, animated
Chihuahua puppy video greets visitors at the main entrance, enhancing a welcoming
atmosphere. This public art installation highlights the shelter’s commitment to saving and
improving animal lives, supporting its mission focusing on animal welfare.

Photo credits: Anne Marker and Ivan Toth Depeña